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Powerful and an operational management tool, modular and gradually adaptable to the different needs of today's competitive environment, Odoo is an integrated management software package that supports all business functions, including project management and transversal communications. Its great flexibility allows Odoo to adapt to a wide variety of business profiles: from industry to services, including points of sale and

Uses of odoo in e-commerce

Launch and handle your website with Odoo.

An intuitive and powerful CMS

Using Odoo does not require any developing skills; you can build your pages using a simple drag and drop feature. Personalize your design to reflect your business' identity.

All the features of the best merchant websites

Cross-selling and up-selling have never been easier, optimize the cart abandonment rate and define the products attributes of your choice to perfectly adapt the platform to your products and your customers' expectations.

An SEO friendly website

Odoo allows you to efficiently configure your merchant site making it more visible on search engines and getting you more traffic to develop your sales.

Professional and impactful web-marketing

Effortlessly manage your e-mailing campaigns and automate your mailing scenarios to maximize the customer return rate on your website and your turnover.

Smoothly integrate Odoo into your environment.

First option: using Odoo from A to Z

Build your merchant website with Odoo and connect it to the other modules to oversee invoicing, e-mail marketing, inventory, stocks and purchasing management, etc...

Second option: PrestaShop / Magento / WooCommerce integration

You already have ane-commerce website made with one the major CMS present on the market? You can very simply connect it to Odoo, to which you will then delegate all the support functions of your online activity.

odoo in industry

Switch to the 4.0 factory with Odoo

TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)

Operate the maintenance actions of your machine pool and trigger interventions at the right time thanks to a clear visualization of the available resources and maintenance history.

Quality control

Define quality control plans during the production flow and along the final inspection. Automate the triggering of alerts and quickly follow the progress of the countermeasures taken.

Products' lifecycle management

Efficiently centralize the history of technical modifications to your products and take advantage of real-time collaboration to conveniently validate each steps without errors.

IOT : connected objects

Odoo allows you to integrate connected objecs into your production flow, with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or USB connection, easily connect your qualitycontrol cameras, measuring devices and/or printers.

TPM : Total Productive Maintenance IOT Box par Odoo

Commercial and sales management

Quotes / Sales

Quickly handle your sales pipeline, from prospects to the signing of an order; follow the progress of your commercial initiatives and analyze the performance of your sales force.

Purchasing / Invoicing / Accounting

Centralize your business' accounting sales invoices, dunning late payments, perform bank reconciliation and monitor your cash flow quickly.

Reporting and business management

Produce reports and create your own dashboards tailored to your performance indicators to ensure you are always in line with your goals.

Production and logistics management

Control of nomenclatures and production processes

Odoo offers detailed and rigorous management of your products' nomenclatures by adding modern communication methods (collaboration, third-party validation, and so on...).

Inventory management (warehouse management)

Inventory administration with Odoo allows for a simpler administration: fewer seizure operations and the possibility of automating replenishment triggers while guarenteeing irreproachable relialbility and traceability of resources.


Odoo grants the handling of complex and varied logistics flows, from multi-warehouse to drop-shipping and cross-docking to best adapt to your logistics chain.



Project management

Project management










Odoo : the global solution

Odoo adapts to a very wide variety of activities, with modular logic and a high level of customization. Here is a more complete list of the uses and functionalities offered by this ERP:

Financial management

Financial management

Comptabilité financière, comptabilité analytique, gestion de la facturation, gestion du budget, gestion des paiements et des relances, gestion de plusieurs sociétés

Business management

Business management

Gestion de la relation client, constructeur de devis, bons de commande, factures

Gestion production


Gestion de projet, suivi de la production, gestion de points de ventes

Gestion Marketing


Envoi de mails en masse, chat en direct, sondage, automatisation marketing, gestion d’Événements, constructeur de communautés

Gestion Logistique

Logistics, stocks

Gestion d’entrepôts, gestion d’inventaire, gestion des approvisionnements, suivi des budgets

Gestion ressources humaines


Gestion des employés, proccess de recrutement, gestion des congés, notes de frais, feuilles de temps, salaires, gestion des évaluations, affectation d’heures sur les projets, réseau social d’entreprise



Rapports personnalisés, messagerie instantanée interne, ludification des objectifs, gestion des meeting, gestion des notes et tâches

site web professionnel

Professional website

Constructeur de site web, e-commerce, blogs


Verticalization of trades

Société de services, e-commerce, agence immobilière, hôtellerie, artisan,…

Migration de votre système d'information actuel vers l'ERP Odoo

Forte de l'expertise déployée depuis 2014 auprès de ses clients, et dont le statut de Gold Partner en est la preuve, Cadr'in Situ a développé au travers de sa Recherche et Développement des outils internes performants (processus de migration via les ETL Pentaho et Talend) pour faciliter et accélérer le transfert de vos données actuelles vers Odoo.

Démarrez votre projet d'ERP

Fort de notre expérience auprès des PME / PMI, nous avons choisi Odoo pour transmettre nos savoir-faire fonctionnels et techniques. Odoo sera pour vous et vos équipes un support dans toutes les tâches de gestion.

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