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Commercial / Retail

Purchase and goods resale as well as services are at the center of our news.

Most of companies seek to centralize their commercial informations and documents. The various elements necessary for this are in particular :

  • Items, customers and suppliers
  • Purchases and sales
  • Point of sales management
  • Accounting and invoicing
  • Human Ressources management
  • Planning management
  • Manufacturing (in some cases)

In commerce, customer satisfaction is fundamental. Sending SMSs, emails (promotions, novelties, reminders...) must be fast, optimized and automated.

A sae of an item or a service can take place over several stages (ordering, validation, delivery, withdrawal...). The customer must be informed of the progress during each step, reminders are also possible. In order to not waste time, the informations sent (emails or messages) must be pre-filled or predefined (saving time for sales representatives).

Odoo must therefore offer a simple, fast and automated solution.

Here are the elements that we have put in place to respond to this problem:

  • Creation of modules allowing emails and / or SMSs grouping, as well as linking to a platform like OVH.
  • Emails and SMSs templates integration.

In addition, when talking about commerce today, we also are also mentioning eCommerce, an additional activity that requires other settings such as the implementation of connectors with marketplaces, Prestashop, Magento, Amazon, Groupon...

Not all items sold have an infinite lifespan. Online merchants as in direct sales, must satisfy customers by providing them with the appropriate after-sales services. Furthermore, depending on the items sold, the merchant must sometimes be able to manage a repair service.

It is necessary to have an after-sales service management and a repair module.

We have upgraded the Repair module by adding configuration elements corresponding to the customer's activity. The client must understand all the repair phases of the product and get notified as progress is made.

As of today, commerce and eCommerce are in vogue. We make every to meet the requirements of this area.