Odoo's history


Fabien Pinckaers

2005 : 

Creation of Tiny ERP, an Open Source software

2008 :

TinyERP transforms in OpenERP!

- The community grows around OpenERP

- The number of modules grow 

- Fabien Pinckaers then began to hire staff

- Continuation of its rise is possible with the raising of millions of dollars

2020 :

Today Odoo is the most installed management software in the world

Key figures:

  - 4 500 000 users

  - 2 550 partners 

The appearance of Odoo

With the latest key figures, Fabien Pinckaers announced in 2015 the new name of his software : Odoo

The first version avaible is Version 8 which therefore includes nearly 3.000 modules. 

Odoo is an "Open Source software", but what is "Open Source"?

Different from proprietary software, Open Source softwares provide access to the source code of the software. The latter must be written in such a way as to facilitate its reading.  

The particularity of the Odoo software : the community

With a source code accessible to the public, it is possible to modify features or add more as desired 

The community aroud Odoo grows year to year and helps fuel the tool. With these many possibilities of "customization" it is easy to set up Odoo in many sectors of activity. 

15 years already ! 

Odoo is 15 already! The advantages of choosing this tool are numerous :


    1 - Centralization of informations

    2 - Obtaining real-time data

    3 - Consolidation of common and homogeneous informations 

    4 - Limitation of the risk of errors, in particular due to re-entry and duplication of data

With Odoo, we assure you a gain of time and productivity!