Discover the Events module

After the presentation of the Association module and more particularly of the Members module (which you can find by clicking here), we offer you the description of the Events module proposed by Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise 

Events organization is carried out regularly throughout the year in associations or companies:

  •     Events advertising

  •     Participants mangament

  •     Advertising campaigns among registrants 


Configuration menu to activate additional features 

eg : 

Configure event categories by default to save time next time you will create an event. 


The dashboard view : when you click on the module you can see directly the events in progress with their number of participants.

Each users can personalize their dashboards according to their specific needs. 


Any entry is made fast and easy with the pre-parametered events category.

Tickets and communications emails are to be added to finalize the event  


On the event page or on the dashboard, see at a glance the number of registered participants


Pivot tables, graphs... are available to you. Intuitive and easy-to-use statistical tools to find your daily or annual analyzes of events. 

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