Discover the Blogs module

Let's discover together the Odoo Blogs module

Once your website is created, easily add content and stay close to your customers. The Blogs module allows you to have a much more complete website. Share your latest news and your successes,  encrich your relationships by exporting your blogs to your social-media network.

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Thanks to its simplicity, complimenting your website with quality articles becomes child's play. Using Odoo's Drag and Drop feature will have you creating the blogs that are ight for you in no time.


Drag and drop the elements of your choice onto the page you have chosen to customize it. Create an article with an attractive design in your image. Producing visually pleasing content has never been easier!


Using the Website module as a basis, the Blogs module will always optimize the display quality of your articles. On phone, laptop or tablet, your blog will always be presented uin their best light

In short :

Customer relationship is an essential aspect of your business, keep them up to date with the latest news about you, your ideas interest them. This module is the perfect solution to keep your website attractive and up to date.

Blogs are a great way to stregthen the bond between you and your audience. Create content and capture the attention of potential prospects by developing your social media presence. Your creation are shareable on all platforms, take advantage of it! 

More than 50.000 companies use Odoo to grow ther business.

Join us and take it to the next level.