Good news :  Cadr'In Situ is a Datadocked training organization!

Cadr'in Situ - Datadock

A quality guarantee

Datadock references training organizations that meet quality criteria

1. Quality training

2. Content to progress 

3. Training follow-up

We are now Datadocked! In addition to the analysis of your needs, the integration of the Odoo ERP and the monitoring of the projects, training is also provided. This guarantee great progress and a quick grip on the tool

Who are we? 

Cadr'In Situ is an integrator of the Odoo management solution. The ERP supports you throughout the life of your company and we support you with this ERP. It is accessible for many types of businesses and trades. It adapts to your needs thanks to the different modules it offers such as : CRM, Purchase, Sales, Inventory, Website, Manuacturing, Accounting, Expense Reports, Leave, Payroll, Dashboard and many more!

Our project managers accompanied by our developers are by your side to achieve the solution that suits you best, in the best conditions. 

With a simple phone call or email, we can schedule a demonstration of the tool.