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Odoo's integration enables you to benefit from a modular and powerful internal management tool, allowing you to optimize your business' supporting needs.

Ingénierie Informatique

Project management / Subject mastery (MOA / MOE)

computer engineering

Cadr'In Situ provides you IT services thanks to our teams of experts in consulting, development, management and technical expertise.

Why implement the open-source Odoo ERP ?

  • It offers a wide range of applications to cover all your needs: Sales / CRM, Accounting / Management, Project Management, Project Production, Logistics, Human Resources, Marketing, Web / E-Commerce...
  • high degree of modularity : build your own ideal management software package by integrating only the applications you need.
  • +10.000 free applications store to further increase the power and versatility of your management tools.
  • 4 millions users worldwide
  • Nearly 15 years of experience (originally "TinyERP", then "OpenERP")
Contrôle de gestion

Accounting, management, finances


Business management / CRM

Marketing, emailing, webmarketing

Marketing operations

Gestion des ressources humaines

Human resources

Production, logistics and stocks

Production, logistics and stocks

Réalisation de site web vitrine et marchand

Website, e-commerce

CADR'IN SITu's team

Our values: to listen and understand

Olivier Canal

This is how we can best meet our customers' and partners' expectations. Their business issues become ours. We support them during their migration project or the implementation of new processes, specific developments or the impletation of their very own CRM.

This motivates our teams when implementing the digital solutions we are offering, such as IT consulting services to companie who want to develop their systems with professionals. We are also specialists of the Odoo ERP software package, an internal management solution that enables the management the company's activities from a single platform.

Olivier CANAL, Cadr’in Situ's manager and Odoo consultant

Our goal: your success!

We are a team of passionnate people who appeal first to our desire to progress and our enthusiasm to take up the challenges that our clients offer us.

expertise odoo studio et production


Odoo technico- functional - Odoo Studio and Production expertise

expertise odoo / OpenERP projet / site web / e-commerce


Lead functional - project expertise

Expertise comptabilité odoo / OpenERP / gestion financière


Odoo technico- functional  -  Accounting expertise / finance management

Lead Technique odoo DevOps


Odoo expert - Lead Technic / DevOps

Analyste fonctionnelle odoo / OpenERP marketing


Functional marketing analyst

Spécialiste fonctionnelle Odoo gestion / analyse financière


Functional management specialist / financial analysis

And the whole team...

Our Odoo development team (python) and our functional analysts


They trust us


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